You don’t have to be a Zen master to notice if the energy feels stagnant in your home or workspace. Negative energy seeps into spaces easily, so it's important to keep a positive flow throughout, in order to support your highest goals. In other words, when you clear your space, you are clearing your life! Space clearing is great for apartments, homes, retail spaces, offices, building sites and definitely creepy basements. It's recommended to do a space clearing every three months, or anytime major life shifts occur.

Utilizing sacred smoke (sage, palo santo, copal, frankincense), singing bowls, and healing mantra, Sydney invites stuck energy to exit the space-- thereby inviting in success, harmony, and serenity!

Sydney’s meditation and energy cleansing sessions are essential to our business. In order to serve others to the best of our abilities, it’s important to recenter ourselves regularly and clear the energy of our space. We implement her sessions with each change of the season
— Min Yu, Small Business Owner