Weekly Series: Journey Through the Koshas/Part 6: The Bliss Body (Anandamaya Kosha) and Beyond...

In Yoga Nidra meditation, we take a journey through they layers of our being, in order to reach the very center of the Self, our embodied Soul, thereby inviting and allowing healing and transformation to occur.  Each week, we have been exploring the five Koshas, or sheaths, which describe each layer f our being, from the outside in.  Through this perspective, we may bring balance to out body, breath, mind, wisdom, and spirit.  This week, we explore the Bliss Body, or Anandamaya Kosha, and go even beyond the Koshas to unified consciousness.

Anandamaya Kosha, the Bliss Body, is the most interior of the koshas, and it surrounds the Self.  Aaa means "bliss" and nanda means "child." The Bliss body has been described in ancient writings as having "joy in the head, contentment as the right arm and delight in the left, bliss as the heart, and Brahman (universal self) as the Foundation."  Ananda is the innate Joy that is the expression of our true nature

Have you ever had an awareness of pure abandon-- perhaps a feeling of being out of your own body, or of effortless exhilaration, or of pure wholeness and connection with the universe and beyond?  Without thinking or planning or questioning or judgement?  This (and countless other feelings and states of expansive awareness) is Bliss. It's the innate Joy that lies within us all and is the expression of who we really are.  Ananda is permanent, limitless, and is absolutely unconditional-- meaning that it is not influenced by any internal or external events.  

It is here where I like to say that "the magic happens."  This is where our innate healing abilities lie, where we can truly release that which limits us-- pain, grief, trauma, and so on--and reawaken all of a person's positive qualities, such as worthiness, kindness, generosity, compassion, courage, wellness, and more.  There is a feeling of wholeness, balance, and integration-- the radiant core where unconditional love and communion with life lives.

You might think that Bliss is the end of the journey, but Anandamaya Kosha is still a sheath.  It's still part of the journey. The experience of Bliss can be amazing, but there's something even beyond Bliss.  

It's our pure and precious experience of the Self, of Unity and Oneness with the infinite.  It is in this space that we experience the concept that we are just a drop in the ocean of the universe.  Here we are completely free from internal and external conflict, from attachment and separation, and here we experience Wholeness.  It's the eternal center of consciousness, which is never born and never dies.  These descriptions are even limited, because the realization of the Self is indescribable.  

Meditation is not technically supposed to be 'goal oriented," but if ever there was a goal, it's to reach this state beyond the Koshas, of realization of unity and oneness.  I invite you to experience this awakening through Yoga Nidra meditation.


I am always thrilled to share the practice of Yoga Nidra meditation, for I believe that everyone deserves to experience the feeling of bliss and universal oneness.  You are always invited to contact me with questions, and of course, to experience firsthand the benefits of Yoga Nidra meditation with me!