Weekly Series: Journey Through the Koshas/Part 5: The Wisdom/Intuitive Body (Vijnanamaya Kosha)

In Yoga Nidra meditation, we take a journey through the layers of our being, in order to reach the very center of the Self, our embodied Soul, thereby inviting and allowing healing and transformation to occur.  Each week, we are exploring the five Koshas, or sheaths, which describe each layer of our being, from the outside in.  Through this perspective, we may bring balance to our body, breath, mind, wisdom, and spirit. This week, we explore the Wisdom/Intuitive Body, or Vijnanamaya Kosha. 

After experiencing awareness of the gross body, the breath/energy flowing in around and through us, and awareness of thoughts, sensations, and emotions, we reach an even deeper layer of our being, known as the wisdom/intuitive body.  This body refers to the higher mind, where our potential is awakened--thereby allowing us to transform limiting beliefs and reach a sense of wholeness and unity.  This level of being bridges all states of mind and is our guide to deep transformation-- as it comes alive, you not only are experiencing your body/breath/thoughts/emotions, but you are able to witness these layers of being in a nonjudgemental way.  

As a nonjudgemental witness to the grosser states of being, we begin to recognize our personal conditioning, see beyond the roles we play, and observe the larger frame of who we are.  Here is where we can transform limiting core beliefs. For example if one has come to believe that they are unworthy of love (say through unhealthy primary relationships, trauma, addiction, etc), the Witness can detach the experiences from the person and begin to recall the innate goodness inside of them.  Here the person can "see" themselves for who they really are-- worthy of love, deserving of acceptance, happiness, and connection.

In the Wisdom/Intuitive body, we also begin to experience thoughts, beliefs, memories and images from both personal and collective arenas. For example, we may experience a memory of being held by our mother as a child, and then experience an intuitive flash of a collective memory of the Universal Mother, holding the universe in her comforting arms. Here we may have a glimmer of knowing our deep connection to our true and tender selves as well as to all beings that have ever existed or will exist.  

In a modern society where we are ever more disconnected from ourselves and one another, this experience of pure intuition, wisdom, wholeness, and connection can be amazingly transformative.  I invite you to experience this awakening through Yoga Nidra meditation!

Next week, we will explore the Bliss Body, Anandamaya Kosha.

I am always thrilled to share the practice of Yoga Nidra meditation , for I believe that everyone deserves to reconnect and experience the feeling of universal oneness and bliss.  You are always invited to contact me with questions, and of course, to experience firsthand the benefits of Yoga Nidra meditation with me.