Hello Spring!

After an all-to-brief LA "winter," the skies have cleared and LA is beginning to bloom! I love seeing all of the fresh grasses on the hillsides and wildflowers beginning to pop up!  Springtime is a wonderful period of deep cultivation of the seeds of intention you have been planting all winter. Prune away what does not serve you, in order to encourage your highest goals to come to fruition. 

One way to release that which no longer serves you, is in experiencing opposites in both physical and emotional sensations. When you are attached to a particular limiting belief, it can cause feelings of separation and isolation.  In Yoga Nidra meditation, we explore opposites in sensation and emotion, in order to then detach from such extremes and experience a middle path. Through this exploration, limiting beliefs and fears can begin to dissolve, lighting up your way toward transforming the way you see yourself, your abilities, and your higher purpose. During meditation, you learn to welcome every thought as one expression of your innate wholeness. When you welcome opposites at the same time, you can experience a glimpse of the truth that you are already whole and balanced, just as you are.  Imagine all of the possibilities when you begin to sprout from your seed pod!