Hot Hot Heat!

Now that summer is in full swing, you may be either enjoying the heat or (like me!) craving the climate-controlled indoors. I wanted to share with you some great tips for keeping your body and mind cool this summer:

According to Ayurveda, summer is Pitta season

Give cooling breath a try

Encourage relaxed effort, compassion, and acceptance in your yoga practice

Integrate meditation into your summer rituals (also: try Yoga Nidra meditation outdoors!)

Remember to eat seasonally. Here are a few cool and delicious summer recipes!

Some News:

Life is a series of twists and turns, switchbacks, diversions in new directions, and ultimately forward movement.  This month I've returned to full time work during the week, but I will continue to offer Yoga Nidra meditation classes in the evenings and on weekends!  Keep up with my community class schedule over on the website.  I will also continue to offer private in-home individual and specialty group sessions!  Contact me to bring Yoga Nidra meditation to your home or special group (girl/guy friends, parent groups, bridal parties, you name it!

Looking ahead to Autumn... I plan to pursue my 200-hour Yoga Teacher certification!  This additional training will help me to learn more about human anatomy (including the subtle bodies), eastern philosophy, yoga asana (poses), different meditative practices, hands-on adjustment and energy healing, and even Kirtan (chanting)!  There are SO many ways to create and hold the space for healing individuals and communities at the deepest levels and I am so excited to continue this journey toward having even more to offer you!  I am endlessly grateful for any and all support toward enabling me to continue on a spiritual path and to afford the tuition for this special program.