Five Things

Did you know that today is World Sleep Day?  #WorldSleepDay aims to celebrate the benefits of good and healthy sleep, draw attention to the burdens of sleep difficulties, and to share ways to promote healthy sleep!  By the way, did you know that just twenty minutes of yoga nidra meditation feels like a 3 hour nap?  This week, I'm sharing some links about my most favorite activity:

1. What losing sleep does to your mind

2. Six breathing techniques to help you fall asleep faster (including my personal favorite, alternate nostril breathing)

3. Break up with your snooze button: make your wake-up something to look forward to

4. An ayurvedic perspective on sleep, including ancient rituals to ease you into dreamland

5. And finally, The Chalkboard explores the place where "the magic happens" in Yoga Nidra

Have a beautiful weekend!