What is Yoga Nidra? Yoga Nidra ("yogic sleep") is a powerful guided meditation practice that enables you to experience profound rest and transformation.  While lying down comfortably, you are systematically guided through body sensing, breath awareness, exploration of emotions and sensations, and guided imagery-- facilitating an awareness of your innate ability to balance, heal, release limiting beliefs, and manifest your highest goals. When you are deeply relaxed, you can access your natural healing state where revitalization and rejuvenation takes place. Through Yoga Nidra, you can reconnect with your entire being-- the physical as well as the energetic, mental-emotional, wisdom, and bliss states contained by the physical form-- encouraging a sense of wholeness and well-being.

What Yoga Nidra Can Do For You: Yoga Nidra can help you switch gears from Doing and Thinking, to Feeling and Being-- turning off the "fight or flight" state and turning on the "relaxation response." As such, Yoga Nidra can reduce stress related symptoms such as high blood pressure, insomnia, depression, anxiety, digestive issues, post-traumatic stress disorder, and chronic pain. The practice is also helpful with pre-operative preparation and post-operative recovery, prenatal preparation and postpartum recovery, and managing addiction. Yoga Nidra is an excellent complement to any medical treatment regimen.* Just twenty minutes of Yoga Nidra meditation feels like 3-4 hours of conventional sleep!  

What Yoga Nidra Feels Like: Participants have reported the following experiences during and after practicing Yoga Nidra: a sense of stillness, transformation of negative thought patterns, rising up of healing images and sensations, dissolution of creative blocks, a sense of limitlessness and unity, revitalization, reduction of trauma and grief reactions, and better sleep. Any and all experiences while practicing Yoga Nidra serve to enhance your healing process and overall well-being.

Who Can Practice Yoga Nidra: Yoga Nidra is for anyone seeking to experience greater inner peace, improved overall physical and emotional health, and sleep better. Yoga Nidra is appropriate for ALL ages, ALL abilities, and ALL bodies. 


*Yoga Nidra meditation is not a replacement for medically-superivised care and treatment. 



Sydney’s guided meditation has helped calm my anxiety and broaden my personal understanding of calmness and thoughtfulness. After each class I feel both restored from the prior week and rejuvenated to start the new week. Sydney’s gentle voice, kind energy, and compassion have made mediation so much deeper than I anticipated and I remain forever grateful for these teachings.
— Almitra C., Production Designer